Sync Elm typeswith TypeScript types

Add and change ports and flags with confidence and ease. Elm knows about your types, so why shouldn't TypeScript?

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Setup the free Community Edition

Define your interop Definitions

It feels just like using elm/json to build Decoders and Encoders.

module Definitions exposing
( Flags
, flags
, gotUserInfo
, logEvent
import Event exposing (Event)
import Os exposing (Os)
import TsJson.Decode as TsDecode
import TsJson.Encode as TsEncode
type alias Flags =
{ os : Os }
flags : TsDecode.Decoder Flags
flags =
TsDecode.field "os" Os.decoder
|> Flags
logEvent : TsEncode.Encoder Event
logEvent =
gotUserInfo : TsDecode.Decoder { first : String, last : String }
gotUserInfo =
TsDecode.succeed (\first last -> { first = first, last = last })
|> TsDecode.andMap (TsDecode.field "first" TsDecode.string)
|> TsDecode.andMap (TsDecode.field "last" TsDecode.string)

Run the command-line tool

You can run the CLI on your local machine, or on your CI server. It gives you a TypeScript declaration file that lets TypeScript know about the types of the ports and flags you defined.

$ elm-ts-interop-pro
Generated src/Main/index.d.ts

Safely setup ports and flags

Can you spot the errors in this example? Hint: look for the red squiggly line, and hover to read the TypeScript error. Ctrl+space is handy for type-aware auto-complete! Now see if you can fix the error in the interactive editor!

Because we used elm-ts-interop, TypeScript now knows what types are valid for our ports and flags!


Send and Receive typed data from Elm

Use the generated InteropPorts module to easily send and receive type-safe ports and decode your flags.

module Main exposing (main)
import Browser
import Definitions
import Event
import Html exposing (..)
import InteropPorts
import Json.Decode
main : Program Json.Decode.Value Model Msg
main =
{ init = init
, view = view
, update = update
, subscriptions = subscriptions
type alias Model =
Result String Definitions.Flags
init : Json.Decode.Value -> ( Model, Cmd Msg )
init flags =
case InteropPorts.decodeFlags flags of
Err flagsError ->
( Err <| Json.Decode.errorToString flagsError
, Cmd.none
Ok okFlags ->
( Ok okFlags
, InteropPorts.logEvent
{ severity = Event.Info
, message = "Hello!"
type Msg
= GotUser { first : String, last : String }
subscriptions : Model -> Sub Msg
subscriptions _ =
(\toElm ->
case toElm of
InteropPorts.GotUserInfo user ->
GotUser user

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